Every Kid Healthy Week  is a celebration of the strides  schools are making towards creating healthier schools and healthy opportunities for children. This year, it will be celebrated from April 19th – April 25th.  This annual event marks an opportunity for renewed commitment making schools a healthy, happy place for all and hosting an event is easy. How easy? Well, read on to see our ideas and simple steps to making your event so successful it brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Happy healthy kids!

How can your school celebrate this year?

-Host a Family Fitness Night: Students, staff and families can enjoy a night of active games and healthy snacks at school. Set up stations with different activities such as relay races, bowling, hula hoop and jump rope contest or a favorite school game. Invite children to come up with activities and stations with games that they know and like to play.
-Host a taste testing: Gather some fresh spring fruits and vegetables and offer samples to students. Discuss the nutritional value in what is being served and ask students to vote on their favorite.
-Get outside: Enjoy the great outdoors and place some field games like kickball, tag or sharks and minnows. All you need are some cones, a rubber kick ball and some open space.
-Practice healthy habits: For each day of the week practice one healthy habit such as hydration, sleep, trying a new fruit or vegetable, being physically active, limiting screen time. Make an announcement for each healthy habit and hang health promotional messaging to remind students to make these habits a part of their lifestyle.
-Keep it simple- don’t have the time to plan, encourage teachers to incorporate movement breaks into their daily plans throughout the entire week (and every day!) Check out our resources for some easy ways to move!

Once you’ve picked your celebration, don’t forget these simple steps to making it a success…

Take a movement break!

1. Register your event with Action for Healthy Kids.

2. Send out flyers and information to parents, families and staff.

3. Include a permission slip if your event requires one.

4.Organize volunteers to either assisting in assembling samples, leading games.

5. Once everything is ready make sure you don’t forget to enjoy the event and  take lots of pictures!

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