Movement break

Students taking a brain break!

During the month of March, Fit4Kids took the March Madness excitement into the classroom! All of our teachers and students were challenged to incorporate physical activity into their daily lessons and brain breaks. Each classroom had a scoreboard, where they added 1 point for each time they did something active as a class.

march madness results

Ms. Marion was the 3rd grade winner at Holladay!

The results are in and the Fit4Kids staff is so proud of all the teachers and schools that participated. During March Madness, there were 3,369 active lessons taught at our Fit4Kids schools! Below are the individual scores of each schools.

march madness infografic

Bellwood Elementary School totaled 564 lessons, averaging 24 lessons per teacher.

Elizabeth Scott Elementary School totaled 951 lessons, averaging 30 lessons per teacher.

Ginter Park Elementary School totaled 383 lessons, averaging 20 lessons per teacher.

Holladay Elementary School totaled 594 lessons, averaging 21 lessons per teacher.

Marguerite Christian Elementary School totaled 877 lessons, averaging to 31 lessons per teacher.

March Madness MC

Scoreboard of teachers at MCES

Back in the office, we had our own friendly competition with the March Madness brackets. The winner to all bragging rights until next March is….our board member, Heather Rice, defeating last year’s champ Rachel Harms!

Looking for ways to include physical activity in your classroom? Click here! 

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