Give the gift of Health and Wellness this Holiday Season!

Every year, the holidays are a chance for families and friends to gather, exchange gifts, and eat all the tasty treats! There is the hustle and bustle that comes along with this busy time and quite often we are left scrambling at the last minute to come up with the most perfect presents. Although the 2020 Holiday Season looks a bit different, this year provides us with an opportunity to slow down and focus on showing those we love just how much we appreciate them.

With the special challenges that the year held for us, the Fit4Kids staff thought it would be fun to curate a special gift guide focused on items that will encourage the giftee to stay active, eat right, and practice self-care. There is a gift here for everyone- kids and adults alike! We could all use a little extra care, so consider giving the gift of health and wellness by choosing any of the items from our Healthy Holiday Gift Guide!

Small gifts

Sidewalk Chalk– A Fit4Kids favorite! Children love getting outside and there are so many activities and games. Sidewalk chalk is an easy way for them to engage in active play while being creative!

Water Bottles– “I don’t go anywhere without my Nalgene water bottle – quality, well-priced, and widely available.  I love dressing mine up with stickers and it makes a perfect stocking stuffer.  Also, at 32 oz for the standard size, I know I just need to get through two bottles a day to meet my hydration goal!”- Leigh, Fit4Kids Director of Development

Resistance bands “I love these! There are so many free YouTube videos that show you how to get a great, low-impact workout with only a resistance band. Plus they’re good for all ages!”- Katie, Fit4Kids Program Manager

Body Butter “This locally made, magical potion by all u need naturals saves my chapped hands in the winter, and protects them from cracking. It comes in two scents- Lemonaid and Earl Grey. The Lemonaid is sunshine in a jar, and the Earl Grey is like wrapping yourself in a blanket with a hot cup of tea- you can’t go wrong with either! Buy one for yourself, your mom, your neighbor, your yoga teacher. Everyone will love it.”- Justine, Fit4Kids Policy Coordinator

Healthy Snacks– Skip the candy and add some healthy treats like: bags of popcorn, whole-grain crackers, pretzels, chocolate dipped fruits, fruit chews, or mixed nuts to your stockings. Extra points if you make the snack- check out this guide to making homemade granola!

Medium & Large Gifts

Calm App Subscription– “In these chaotic times, I really love their meditation and sleep resources! I use the sleep stories at least five nights a week and they KNOCK me out!  My brother and I, even though far apart geographically, are both using the app and learning how to meditate and practice mindfulness, which is especially important in 2020.”- Mary, Fit4Kids CEO

Curate a coloring kit “Treat yourself or others to Mindfulness Coloring Items to destress and unlock the inner child. Also, four of the coloring books on the list are by local RVA artist, Unicia Buster!”- Jasmine, Fit4Kids Parent Advocate

Just Dance– Playing games for hours comes naturally to kids. Why not gift them a game that will get them up and moving? Just Dance has up to date music that families will love and dance moves for all ability levels.  It is available for most gaming systems.

A good frying pan– “For those looking to make their lives in the kitchen easier, I recommend the OXO Good Grips 10″ Frying Pan.  We have been struggling to make an older, worn-out pan work for us and it simply is adding more stress to our lives.  The OXO Good Grips 10″ Nonstick Frying Pan is what all cookware should be.  It’s easy to use, does exactly what you expect it to do, and it does it well.”- Jeff, Fit4Kids Wellness Integration Specialist

Fitivities– Fitivities allows for active play in any setting. It is a great way for our whole family to get up off the couch and play a fun, competitive game while exercising at the same time.

Local garden store gift certificate– “Many folks have an interest in gardening and keeping houseplants and all of the extra time spent at home in 2020 means that even more chose to take up the hobby! And why not? Studies show that taking care of plants improves mental health, gives the immune system a boost, and even increases productivity levels for those working from home!

Sneed’s is just one of many local garden stores that can serve anyone’s plant needs- from seeds to garden-themed tchotchkes. Check their websites for unique finds or let the plant-lover choose for themselves with a gift card!”- Nan, Fit4Kids Game On, Girl! Program Coordinator

Local bike shop gift certificate “The best way to get folks to ride their bike is to make sure it’s actually working properly, and tuned up. We often hear, “I’d ride, but my bike has something wrong with it.” Most fixes are pretty easy, and we often underestimate how important getting an annual tune-up is. If the person receiving the gift is mechanically inclined and doesn’t need any mechanical work done, they can get parts, tools, or the perfect accessory. The best way to get people to ride more often is to make it the easy, natural choice. Having a rack, pannier, or bag that plays nicely with your bike encourages people to opt for the bike instead of the car for errands. A bright set of rechargeable lights and a safe, comfortable helmet can make a rider feel more confident.”- Tara, Fit4Kids Safe Routes to School Coordinator

Gifts of Donation

Girls For A Change Immersion Lab– Are you searching for a meaningful gift to give to a special teen girl in your life? Consider purchasing a membership to the Girls For A Change Immersion Lab, a members-only program that provides Black girls with a supportive community and exclusive learning opportunities to spark their creativity, sharpen their skills, build sisterhood, and boost their self-esteem.

Fit4Kids Kit Wishlist– Through virtual lessons combined with hands-on kits that are delivered right to the students’ doors we have been lucky to be able to continue our programs for the kids who benefit from them, despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Every purchase made from our Fit4Kids 2020 Kit Wish List directly contributes to our ability to continue to sustainably provide learning kits to the youth we serve.

Amazon Smile is an easy way to support Fit4Kids at no extra cost to you! Just log into your Amazon account through and chose “Greater Richmond Fit4Kids” as your charity of choice. Fit4Kids will receive a small donation with each purchase you make, without an additional charge being added to your purchase. Remember to log into Amazon through every time you make a purchase for a donation to go to Fit4Kids. Thanks so much for your support!

Make this holiday season healthy, fit, and fun!