RPS Students at Stratford Hills
RPS Students at Stratford Hills walk to the Lit Limo.

How do you host Walk to School Day events when students aren’t in attendance at their school?! You get “lit” of course! To be clear, you partner with the Richmond Public Schools Lit Limo program. During the 2019-20 school year, Judy Deichman, Instructional Specialist of Library Media Services, began the process of developing the new mobile book distribution program. Little did she know how crucial this program would be to Richmond’s students. The donated mini-bus arrived in spring, to receive it’s signature glossy black limo paint job and retrofitting. The RPS librarians were ready to roll by early summer, establishing a weekly route with impressive coverage of the city.

Partnering with the Lit Limo for our “Walktober” events was a perfect match because the weekly routes were not just designed to reach so many corners of the city, they were created to make the Lit Limo accessible to students and families who use active transportation! Our plan was to tag along, and give out this year’s SWAG to kids who walked or biked to the stops. We planned to promote the effort through social media and direct communications from schools, and discuss the merits of active transportation, as well as ways to stay safe. Most of the participants didn’t need our encouragement, as we’d come to learn that’s how they had been doing it all along!

Our SWAG this year was pandemic appropriate. The accessory everyone needs in 2020, adult and child face masks in our signature RVA SRTS royal blue and gold. We wrapped up our tour with a Halloween theme, and a huge turnout of kids in costumes. We even came across some special guests along the way!

RVA SRTS Coordinator with Clifford
RVA SRTS Coordinator models this year’s SWAG with Clifford.