5 Things that are Healthy

5 Healthy Things

It’s the time of year when waist bands tighten while inhibitions weaken.  Many of us struggle with avoiding extra treats during the Holiday Season.  Keep in mind we shouldn’t feel bad for enjoying the season.  It’s a challenge when faced with all of these decadent desserts and holiday traditions.  However, there is something we can do to make the season just a tad bit healthier.  Let’s focus on making small changes to make the season healthier.

I’ve always found it easier to remember to make healthy choices when there is a fun way to remember to make those healthy choices.  Just last year I participated in 100 Healthy Days.  However, it’s the holiday season and we need to make this challenge easy.

Examples of 5 Healthy Things.

Examples of 5 Healthy Things.

It’s easy to enjoy the holiday music associated with the season.  In fact, one of my favorites is the song the 12 Days of Christmas.  I’ve loved this song because I was able to belt out the line, 5 Golden Riiiiiings!  Which got me thinking, what if we just focused on doing 5 Healthy Things?  It’s easy to remember.  It’s catchy.  It’s attainable.  It’s perfect!

So when you do something healthy this holiday season, snap a picture, post it on social media, and tag it with #5HealthyThings.  If you need a little extra motivation, tag @gr_fit4kids or @coachsuho and you will be entered into a contest to win a fantastic prize!

Of course if you’re having a hard time thinking of healthy things, there are plenty to choose from.  It could be as simple as making sure you get 9 hours or more of sleep.  You could also make sure that you fill up your plate with fruits and vegetables.  Drinking plenty of water could be another one of your 5 Healthy Things.  Don’t forget that limiting your screen time is another great way to be healthy.  Finally, do not forget to get an hour of physical activity each day to top off your list of 5 Healthy Things.

I hope that your holiday season is a safe and healthy one.  Best of luck doing your 5 Healthy Things!

Coach Suho
Wellness Integration Specialist