With the end of the school year approaching it can be easy for academics and testing to steal the spotlight.   Summer Slide  Teachers and students are anxiously awaiting the final bell that signals the start of summer.  It appears we may be forgetting something else, the health of our students. It’s not just an academic summer slide, but the time away from school, teachers, recess, cafeteria lunches and walking to and from school can take a toll on the overall health of children. According to Active Living Research research summary, “For many children, summer vacation is a three-month hiatus from the daily responsibilities and scheduled demands they experience during the nine-month school year.”  Yet the freedoms many adults may remember from their childhood summers — riding bikes to the corner store, walking to the local swimming hole, playing active games with neighborhood friends every day — have become less common among today’s youth.” The frightening fact that was discovered:

During summer vacation, children gain up to three times as much weight as during the entire school year.

That means that a lot of the hard work and countless hours that have been put in during the school day will most likely be left at the door when students step into summer. Fear not, Fit4Kids to the rescue! Here are some ways we can keep kids healthy and active all summer long.

Try these great ideas to keep moving this summer:

1. Go for a walk. Make walking a part of every morning or every evening. Start small with a quick trip around the block and keep adding distance. Walking can turn to jogging or biking or scootering. Be creative and observant while you wander. Make it even more fun and wear a pedometer and see how many steps you can get!


2. Go to camp– for free! Check out Camp GoNoodle! That’s right, GoNoodle, the popular teacher resource for brain breaks and movement is offering a FREE camp for kids.  If your child’s teacher isn’t using GoNoodle feel free to sign up yourself and let them know how awesome it it! Camp starts July 4th!

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3. Take the Play Each Day Challenge. Take the Fit4Kids Play Each Day Summer Challenge  and track your physical activity in our printable calendar. Follow along each day as we challenge you to different exercises and healthy habits. Feel free to do more and write down what you’ve accomplished!

4. Check out our Fit4Kids Summer Newsletter. There are healthy recipes, ideas, fun facts and even a “Summer Circuit” to get your heart rate up fast!

5. Stick to your 95210 goals! This school year many schools around the Richmond area learned and practiced a healthy 95210 lifestyle. Don’t let your habits slip this summer, remember to get 9 hours of sleep, 5 fruits and vegetables, 2 hours or less of screen time, 1 hour or more of physical activity, and drink 0 sugar sweetened beverages! 

The summer is the perfect time to get outside together as a family. Be on the lookout for camps and other cool events going on in your community! Don’t forget that you can always visit a local park or school playground for some serious fun. Forget the summer slide and head down the playground slide!