Active in the snow!

Walking to school in the snow!  Photo Source


Each day around 5:30PM the sun sets, the fall foliage has dwindled, and the brisk cold air has set into the Richmond Area. This can only mean one thing, winter is upon us. With proper knowledge and adequate attire, staying active during the frigid winter months will be breeze!


Wear Layers. For many students who walk to school, the cold weather can be a barrier. This is also true for cyclists during the winter months. Maintaining body heat is imperative to walking or cycling  in colder temperatures. One way to do this, is by WEARING LAYERS! Layering up traps insulated air from clothing; ultimately holding body heat. Layers also allow you to control your body temperature, if you feel yourself overheating, you can simply remove a layer! Ensure to wear a nice thick coat when outside, as it blocks wind. This is especially important for cyclists, as the wind chill factor increases while cycling.


Protect your head and extremities. 30% of body heat is lost through our heads. It’s important to wear headgear to keep your entire body warm! A warm head= a warm body. In addition to this, wearing gloves and thick socks will keep your fingers and toes warm and keep blood flowing!


Stay Hydrated. Hydration in the winter is equally important as hydration in the summer. Because the air is drier in the winter than it is in the summertime, our lungs have to work a little harder to warm up the air we breathe. Because your body works harder when being physically active in colder temperatures, it requires more hydration. Hydrating with room temperature fluids allows your body to maintain its’ internal temperature!


No need to freeze, with the tips above being active in the colder temperatures will be a breeze!