On May 8, 2019, Richmond City Safe Routes to School observed our 4th annual Bike to School Day, the 8th year that the event has been observed nationally. Students who arrived at school by active transportation that day received a packable rip-stop backpack, which is a great tool for hauling bike locks, water bottles, or whatever a student could need. It’s a great tool to demonstrate that active transportation is real transportation. Here are a few photos from the festivities:

The Holton annual BTSD group ride from Once Upon a Vine to School was very well attended!

A long line of students at Mary Munford enjoy an active commute on May 8.

Students arrive at Mary Munford by bike and scooter.











A young Munford Monarch is accompanied by her dad on her bike commute to school.

Danny Avula, Director of the Richmond and Henrico Health Departments, accompanies his children to school by bike at Chimborazo Elementary.

The racks at Holton were full on bike so school day, with overflow parking in the gym!

Students at Ginter Park walked and rode together from Lincoln Mews.