Chefs Move to Schools


Chef Craig Haines of Wegmans

On Monday, November 7th, 18 RVA chefs brought their energy and expertise to 18 Richmond Public School (RPS) cafeterias to help elevate school food!

As part of Fit4Kids’ Eat Fresh RPS initiative, volunteer chefs empowered cafeteria staff with new strategies for preparing, seasoning, and serving better-tasting vegetables.  Fresh herbs, laughter, new spice mixes, questions, garnishes, and lively exchanges peppered cafeterias all across Richmond as chefs and staff created delicious veggie dishes together.


All of the chef recommendations will be presented to the Director and Dietician of RPS School Nutrition Services to be incorporated into school menus moving forward.  By volunteering just one hour, these community-minded, kid loving chefs have impacted the eating experience of over 9,000 students–making Richmond truly a food city for all!  A big thank you to the passionate chefs and dynamic cafeteria staff for making this Chefs Move to School collaboration possible.

“We are going to need everyone’s time and talent to solve the childhood obesity epidemic and our Nation’s chefs have tremendous power as leaders on this issue because of their deep knowledge of food and nutrition and their standing in the community.” ‑ First Lady Michelle Obama

Craig Perkinson — South Bound — Fisher & Southampton Elementary
Adrien Chapman — Whole Foods — Fairfield Court Elementary
Greg Johnson — Citizen — Bellevue Elementary
Danielle Westbrook — Rappahannock — Ginter Park Elementary
Josh Loeb — Laura Lee’s — Woodville Elementary
Gabrielle Tenney — Savvy and Well — G.H. Reid Elementary
Dylan Parson — Millie’s Diner — George Mason Elementary
Quentin Miller — Community Kitchen, Feedmore — Westover Hills & Swansboro Elementary
Terry Fisher — Kroger — George Washington Carver Elementary
Todd Johnson — Ellwood Thompson’s — John B. Cary Elementary
Brandon Walton — Neighborhood Resource Center — Chimborazo Elementary
Craig Haines — Wegmans — Miles Jerome Jones Elementary
Bill Neston — Capital One — Linwood Holton Elementary
Sonya Islam — Health Lifestyles Center — Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary
Dallas Miller — The Daily Kitchen and Bar — Blackwell Elementary
Sunny Baweja — Lehja — Overby-Sheppard Elementary
Linda Marcuse — Good Foods Grocery — Bindford Middle
Paul Kostandin — Blue Goat — Richmond Community High
Thank you again to the wonderfully talented, community-minded chefs and RPS cafeteria staff for participating in the Eat Fresh RPS Chef’s Training.
Savvy and Well Chef Gabrielle and cafeteria staff at G. H. Reid

Savvy and Well Chef Gabrielle and cafeteria staff at G. H. Reid

To learn more about our work within the school food environment, contact Bethany at

Bethany Brady Spalding, Greater Richmond Coalition for Healthy Children