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photo credit: Jillian Daleiden and Davis, CA

Those people in Davis, CA are crazy… CRAZY RIGHT! Fruit is fast and easy food and pretty much the center of this blog post. Don’t roll your eyes just yet, you just might be into what I have to say.

It seems that summer is the time for ice cream, hot dogs, nachos and all sorts of junk food. It is easy to fall into the summertime junk slump, but luckily, summer is also when farmers markets and grocery stores are packed with delicious produce. On my recent visit to the grocery store I snapped a few photos of some fast food.



Now, are you looking for something delicious to create with these fruits and vegetables? I have scoured the web, well, really Pinterest (you can follow us!), looking for great ideas for easy summertime snacks. Here are some great websites and suggestions on ways to create a delicious summer snack.

But, before we get to that the easiest most delicious summertime treat is grapes, frozen grapes. Stick cleaned grapes in the freezer, allow them to freeze and then eat them. There aren’t any added sugars or preservatives. Simply delicious…

Okay, now onto some places to get some great ideas. If you’re into the paleo thing you can find 50 paleo snacks on the go. Or you might be a little less into that and more into some kid friendly snacks. You can find 15 Kid-approved healthy summer snacks and some of them are sure to please! I am totally into the vegetable flowers with dip (I’d substitute some hummus instead of homemade ranch dip). Think of all the fun when you’re allowed to play with your food!

And lastly, my favorite snacks, almond butter and apple slices. Delicious. Also, almonds. Talk about fast food. Crazy, right?


Please note Maisy does not eat fast food, but she does eat her food really fast!

Do you know of some awesome healthy  snacks you dig cooking with your kiddos? Send me an email at and I might just try it out. Munch on, friends, with some REAL fast food.