Fit4Kids was honored to show off one of our schools to Virginia’s First Lady, Dorothy McAuliffe. On September 16th, Mrs. McAuliffe was welcomed at Elizabeth Scott Elementary School in Chester. She is focusing her work in the areas of childhood nutrition and food security, so her interest in our programs was a perfect match.

The visit began with a wonderful welcome from our Executive Director, Mary Dunne Stewart as well as Mrs. Temple, the school principal. In no time, Mrs. McAuliffe was outside in the school garden ready to get her hands dirty! She participated in a first grade garden lesson, where the students were learning about fall crops and planting kale. She planted right along side the 6 year olds.

courtesy of the Hopewell News

Courtesy of the Hopewell News

After brushing off the dirt, the First Lady observed an active math lesson lead by Jenny Long-Innes, our Wellness Integration Specialist at Elizabeth Scott. Mrs. Smith’s third grade class was running in place and doing various calisthenic exercises, all while reviewing addition and subtraction fact families. “I am going to tell the governor how good you all are at math,” she announced to the students when they concluded the lesson.  The kids were all smiles and eager to show a room full of officials how much they love to be physically active in their classroom.

The visit drew to a close outside on the school’s brand new running path, where School Board member, Carrie Coyner, noted our 5k and Running Club successes from last year. “We are growing this year, and have 115 students registered in the Running Club!” Mrs. McAuliffe spoke to the entire third grade class, and explained how proud she was to see the students being so healthy. After the track dedication ribbon was cut, all site visit members participated in an inaugural lap on the running path.

Courtesy of the Hopewell News

Courtesy of the Hopewell News

Fit4Kids has now facilitated two running paths at schools in the area and is working on a third. “It was my greatest success from my time at Bellwood Elementary School,” said Wellness Integration Specialist, Nellie Bradley. The students walk or run the path during Running Club, recess, and even after school with their families. School running paths are excellent tool to encourage everyone to get moving!

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