Fit4Kids was excited to join forces with the volunteers at CarMax Tuesday afternoon to paint a  globe on the pavement at Bensley Park! Despite the  95+ degree weather, the team worked tirelessly to map out and paint each and every country on 6 continents as well as several major bodies of water using various bright pastel colors. The final product was 35 feet wide, vibrant, fun and completely geographically accurate (well maybe not the last one, so much).

Playground maps are great sources of both fun and learning! There are a variety of active and educational games that can be extended from the classroom and played on the playground for years to come. Although this playground is not at a school, we still like to think the kids can enjoy some somewhat educational fun on their new map.

Fit4Kids and CarMax have worked on projects together in the past. Around this time last year the organizations worked together to plant trees and build a playground at the very same park.

photo 3