March MadnessIt’s about that time to fill out our March Madness brackets, as the top college basketball teams begin the NCAA tournament. Our Wellness Integration Specialists are taking the excitement into the classrooms!

During the month of March, all of our teachers and students will be challenged to incorporate physical activity into their daily lessons and brain breaks. Each classroom will have a scoreboard, where they add 1 point for each time they do something active as a class. Activities can range from a morning circuit routine, to brain breaks/bursts in between subjects, or teaching a kinesthetic lesson to review their curriculum. Any movement counts!

At the end of each Quarter (one week), the Wellness Integration Specialists will total the points and announce grade level leaders. At the end of the 4 Quarters (four weeks), a class from each grade level will be the winner and earn extra active recess time! The Super Six grade level winners will be up for the all-around Grand Champion prize!

My NCAA bracket is normally far off, but I can bet that everyone will have fun and get moving!