Do you want to get involved in the local Richmond community while empowering students to make healthier choices for lunch?

Then Fit4Kids has the perfect volunteer opportunity for you! Join us October 23-27, 2017  for our biannual Fruit and Veggie Week in Richmond Public Schools. This event empowers RPS students to make healthier choices in their school cafeterias! This event teaches children about new fruits and vegetables, and helps them establish healthy eating choices for life. 

What is Fruit and Veggie Week?

Fruit and Veggie Week is a part of our Eat Fresh RPS initiative to introduce new fruits and vegetables each day of the week. 

Every day during the week of October 23-27, students at our 20 Garden Patch schools in the City of Richmond will have a chance to sample fresh produce, providing students with a risk-free opportunity to try items that are regularly available in their school cafeterias OR items that the folks at School Nutrition Services want to add to the salad bar offerings. This event provides the opportunity to sample quality items and fuel brains for better learning back in the classroom. We are currently looking for dedicated volunteers to help prep, portion, and distribute samples, while engaging with kids and inspiring them to maintain healthy eating habits! Volunteers will encourage students to “taste the rainbow” by sampling a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the week!

If you are unable to volunteer, please consider sharing this opportunity with your friends, family, and colleagues – the more shares and volunteers, the merrier!

Tastings will be held during school lunch hours, which vary from school to school. Visit our online sign up page to view available schools and time slots!

Mayor Stoney and radishes!

Grapes Galore!










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