Starting a garden or even growing from a grow bag can be intimidating for the first time! We have asked our garden educators and staff your most frequently asked questions and posted them here with links to our YouTube videos, past blog posts, and other websites to answer them the best we can!

Kids are more likely to eat veggie they’ve grown, it creates easy access, and it’s fun to watch something you take care of and tend to grow!

Here’s a link to all of Garden videos!

How do I transplant seedlings?

Watch Farmer Nan as she explains the process of transplanting her seedlings into a garden bed!

Can I plant tomatoes right next to cucumbers? 

Companion planting is a question we’ve gotten a lot! Here’s a video on companion planting and here’s our favorite website with lots of different pairings as well.

When should I plant? How long will it take to harvest? 

Check out our plant info chart!

How should I water my garden?

Click here to and listen to Farmer Leah tell us the best pressure to use when watering your plants.

What about bugs? 

Some are helpful and some are hurtful! Check out Farmer Leah’s YouTube Video all about bugs! If a bug you’ve found isn’t covered in that video, here’s another website with more bugs!