Goodbye Pop Tarts…Hello Breakfast Burritos!

Good news for breakfast lovers…the beginning of school just got even better! Richmond Public School elementary students will discover healthier breakfast options as they start their day this year.

Earlier this spring, Fit4Kids’ research revealed that some school breakfasts contained over twice the amount of sugar that students should consume in an entire day! And pumping kids full of sugar makes it hard for them to focus and do their best work in the classroom.

Fueled by the belief that all children deserve a healthy start to their day, Fit4Kids helped launch an RPS School Nutrition Services Advisory Board–which chose reducing sugar in school breakfasts as one of its top priorities. Working together with Director Susan Roberson, the Richmond City Health District, the American Heart Association, the Richmond Food Justice Alliance, and other community partners, Fit4Kids has helped elevate breakfast menus for elementary school students. Goodbye to sugary pop tarts, donuts, and flavored milk! And hello to student-tested-and-approved savory options such as egg and cheese biscuits and breakfast burritos.

During the 2018-19 school year, savory breakfast options will be available three to four days a week, along with whole fruits, and white milk. So great news for students, parents, and teacher everywhere: less sugar, more nutrients; fewer sugar rushes and crashes, more learning and fun!