With Halloween just days away, you might be putting together your shopping list for your own Halloween celebration. Here are a few great, healthy snacks that your guests and kids will love!

Boo-nana Pops


 Simply dip a half of a banana in low fat vanilla yogurt, insert a Popsicle stick, stick on two little chocolate chip “eyes” and freeze!

Veggie Skeleton Veggie Platter


Using your favorite raw veggies, construct a veggie skeleton like this! For his head use a low fat veggie dip with olive slices for eyes!

Jack O Lantern Fruit Bowl


Similar to the veggie skeleton, try making a Jack-O-Lantern out of orange slices and your favorite fruits!

Apple- Vampire Fangs

64-Non-Candy-Halloween-Snack-Ideas-apple-bites Apples are in season but that doesn’t mean you have to make candy or caramel apples! Instead make these fangs out of two apple slices, nut butter and slivered almonds.

String Cheese Ghosts


These are simple, cute and fun! Simply cut a cheese stick in half and peel the ends apart to create these spooky cheese ghosts.

Try to emphasize the non-food related aspects of Halloween such as the spooky decorations, creative costumes, games, contests and walking door to door with friends and not just the candy… Here are some tips to make trick-or-treating a little more health-conscious…

Keep it MOVING  to help balance the eating. Have a costume parade, a monster dance party, play games like costume tag or a spooky scavenger hunt. This will also leave less time for collecting candy.

* Serve a healthy meal or snack before trick-or-treating and before sorting out the candy.

* Limit the size of the trick-or-treat bag (try a gift bag instead of a pillowcase).

* Hand out small candies or non-food treats like stickers or glow sticks (never a full sized candy bar).

* Keep a small amount of candy out, and put the rest in the freezer to prevent going overboard

Trust me, your Halloween will be much more creative, memorable  and spooky when you focus less on the treats and more on the tricks!