What is that moaning and groaning you hear coming from down the hall? Is it a ghost?  A goblin?  No, it’s your child with a massive candy induced belly ache. A healthy Halloween can be difficult to accomplish with howling children ready to devour plastic pumpkins full of candy. The excitement of sorting massive amounts of candy into like piles and consuming as much as possible before mom and dad notice is every kid’s fantasy. It is up to us adults to help our children achieve a healthy balance on this candy-centered holiday.

Here are a few ghoulishly great ways to help your family accomplish a healthy Halloween.


Let’s start with the treats! If you’re looking to serve students for a classroom party or your family before you head out to find all those tricks and treats? Click here for tasty, nutritious, and fun healthy Halloween treats!



Now for the tricks! These are some great games and activities to include in your celebration to get your kids moving!








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Co-written by Jessica Sutton and Katie Daniel