Spring break is almost here and Fit4Kids has a few tips on how to keep your week off of school healthy and happy! If you’re headed out on the road for a traveling adventure, here are few suggestions for eating well and getting some exercise while away from home:

-Before you leave town, take your children to the store and let them pick out their own healthy snacks for the trip.  Take along some reusable containers stocked with nuts, whole-grain crackers, fruits, and veggies—to avoid getting snacks at gas stations along your journey.  Gas stations are great for fueling up cars, but not bodies!
-Have every child bring their own reusable water bottles to make sure they stay hydrated with good old H20
-Make a little mini kitchen so that you can pack along and prepare fresh foods during any part of your vacation.  A cooler, cutting board, and a good knife can do wonders.
-Pack a picnic blanket so that you can stop and eat at parks or other lovely places along the way, instead of visiting fast food restaurants.
-Choose a hotel with a fridge, and find a local supermarket or farmers market in the town you are visiting to try some new, healthy foods.
-Give your children maps of the city and go on a walking tour of town to get their legs moving.
-Many cities also have biking tours that can be a great way to cover ground and see the sites.  Baby seats, kids trailers, and tag alongs are often available to rent so the kids can experience the ride too.

If you’re staying close to home here in Richmond, there are many fun things to try out next week:

-Let your children really mess up your kitchen by trying—or creating—some new recipes.
-Explore a new park in town to play and smell the blossoms.
-Get out and hike along the river on Richmond’s famous Buttermilk trail.
-Get your bikes tuned up and take a spin on the Capital Trail.
-If you have the spring cleaning fever, sort out your pantry and restock it with healthy staples for nourishing snacks and meals.
-Plant some herbs or spring crops in your yard.
-Stroll through Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and let your kiddos run wild!

Whether you’re at home or on the road, we hope that you and your children enjoy delicious meals, experience the thrill of movement, and make many magical memories together.  Happy Spring Break!