Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Gifting Fun and Health to your family this Holiday Season

Imagine that you are standing in the middle of the mall surrounded by beautifully decorated trees or sitting in the comfort of your home as holiday music plays in the background and suddenly, it hits you….You have no idea as to what to get the most important people in your life.  This happens to the best of us every year and we scramble to come up with items our friends and family would enjoy. This year, why not give the gift of good health?

Here are some healthy holiday gift ideas that are sure to get them moving!


Sidewalk Chalk– Children love getting outside and playing games. Sidewalk chalk is an easy way for them to engage in active play while being creative!

Water Bottles– Staying hydrated while playing is important to our health. There are so many companies now providing water bottles with bright, colorful, and fun designs that are sure to please your little ones all the way up to adults.


Froggles Froggles are the next generation of goggles for children. They are soft and comfortable while being easy to wear. Children will thank you as they dive into their nearest indoor pool for some fun splash time!

 Bluetooth Speaker Who doesn’t love a dance party? Download a child-friendly playlist that the whole family loves and dance a little jig! Make things exciting with a family Dance Off competition.

Healthy Snacks– Skip the candy and add some healthy treats like: bags of popcorn, whole-grain crackers, pretzels, chocolate dipped fruits, or mixed nuts to your stockings. Giving small bags of these healthy treats could be used to create their own trail mix!

Family Fun Gifts

Yard Game Sets– Although it is cold outside for the next few months, a fun afternoon playing an outdoor game is a surefire way to warm you up. Flag football, disc golf, or Kan Jam are just a few examples of games that are fun for all ages.

How to Play Disc Golf

Rock, Paper, Scissors– This childhood classic gets a new look with these cool playing cards. Add some movement by assigning an exercise to rock (squat), paper (arm circles), and scissors (jumping jack). Have a fun and active battle as a family!

Just Dance– Playing games for hours comes naturally to kids. Why not gift them a game that will get them up and moving? Just Dance has up to date music that families will love and dance moves for all ability levels.  It is available for most gaming systems.

LED Light Up Frisbee– The light up option on this Frisbee makes for an exciting way to get out and play. Kids and adults, alike, will enjoy challenging themselves to find creative ways to throw and catch this illuminating gift.

Kids Scavenger Hunt– Having an indoor and outdoor option makes this game a holiday winner. Kids will have a great time being cleaver in their search for objects based on the cards in their hand.

A Determined Hunter with our FREE Scavenger Hunt Printable for Kids and Goldfish® Cracker Snack Time

FREE Scavenger Hunt Printable for Kids

Fitivities– Fitivities allows for active play in any setting. It is a great way for the whole family to get up off the couch and play a fun, competitive game while exercising at the same time.

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Make this holiday season healthy, fit, and fun!

Jessica Sutton -Wellness Integration Specialist