Healthy Holidays: Get Fit Gift Guide



Long before your little ones have polished off their Halloween candy or the Thanksgiving pie, the grocery store isles are bursting with Holiday treats. Instead of filling your kiddos’ stockings with sugar plums and candy canes, we have a few gift ideas that will help the whole family get movin’ this holiday season!

Stocking Stuffers

Avoid the chocolate-Santa-induced sugar coma, and instead slip in one or two of these compact fitness finds.



Jump rope. This classic toy can be used both indoors and out – perfect for unpredictable winter weather. 

Pedometer watch. There are some pretty affordable step counters on the market these days. This low-cost model comes in a multitude of different colors. Buy one for everyone on your list and inspire a little friendly competition to see who can get the most steps!

Yoga Pretzels card set. Perfect for your little yogi, this illustrated deck features different stretching and breathing exercises on every card. You can also use a classic card deck to get your “om” on by assigning a different pose to each suit. Or break a sweat playing this amped up version of 52 Pickup developed by My Kids’ Adventures online magazine.    

Indoor Activities

The weather outside may be frightful, but these indoor fitness activities are delightful. Stave off the post-holiday blues with these toys and games.



Mini Trampoline. When you are snowed-in with the kids for the third day straight and the novelty of sledding and snowman-making has worn off, you will be grateful for this alternative option for blowing off steam. And while the kids are outside playing you can hop on yourself for a quick fitness fix.  

Pogo stick. Another option for kids to bounce off some excess energy, pogo sticks have the added benefit of helping users strengthen their core muscles while they work to stay balanced. This version of the toy comes with a removable extra-wide base for beginners.

Twister. Who doesn’t love the game that ties you up in knots? This game will call on kiddos to use both balance and flexibility, all while having a blast. If classic Twister isn’t your thing, there are plenty of newer active board games on the market to consider.

Opt Outside

Playing outside in the snow remains one of the highlights of the winter season.  These toys are perfect for embracing the winter wonderland in your backyard! 



Snowball maker and thrower. This novelty gift is a perfect excuse to start a friendly snowball fight.  If hurling snow isn’t your cup of tea, why not use this toy to craft the perfect miniature snowman or play an icy game of ice cream parlor?!

Ice Skates. Whether your little one is an aspiring Michelle Kwan or a skating novice, this gift is sure to delight. Consider treating yourself to a pair of skates as well so you can hit the rink and show off your moves.

A sled. Not only will your kids get hours of entertainment from hurtling downhill in a toboggan or flying saucer, they will log thousands of steps running back uphill to slide down again. 

Amazon Smile

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Make this holiday season healthy, fit, and fun!
Stay Warm,
Nora Daly, Masters of Social Work Intern