Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday

Healthy Holidays

Healthy Holidays! Source: https://www.mesahealthandwellness.com/have-a-healthy-holiday-season

The holidays are fast approaching and so are the temptations of all of the amazing food that goes along with them! You hear songs about chestnuts roasting, popcorn popping, and figgy pudding as you gather with friends and family. Does being surrounded by all of this holiday cheer have you worried about your family going down an unhealthy path full of extra holiday merriment?  Here are some tips for keeping your family healthy this holiday season.

Home for the Holidays– Before heading out to celebrate, eat a healthy snack at home. Getting the kids involved in creating these healthy options will be enjoyable for all. This will keep you and your family from mindlessly grazing at the treat table. 

Healthy Holiday Snack

Healthy Holiday Snack Source: http://www.creativekidsnacks.com/2012/11/26/healthy-christmas-snacks-for-the-kids/

Seasons Greetings– Substitute healthier food options or seasonings into your normal recipes to reduce sugar, salt, and fat.  

Jingle Bells– Have a dance party or go for a walk with your family before or after a holiday celebration. Not only is it fun, but it will get all of your heart rates up! Jam out to these holly jolly holiday hits. 

Deck the Halls– While getting ready for the holidays, be mindful to keep unhealthy foods tucked away. Choose a special treat to indulge in a bit, but when you are not enjoying it, keep it out of sight. The less you see, the less you will want.

Holiday Flavored Water

Holiday Flavored Water Source: http://wholefedhomestead.com/cranberry-orange-mint-flavored-water/

Dashing Through the Snow- While you rush from place to place, keep everyone hydrated. Adding a little seasonal fruit to your water makes it fun and exciting. Cranberries and clementines add a holiday feel to any refillable water bottle.           


Hopefully these tips will help you and your family have the healthiest holidays yet!
Jessica Sutton, Wellness Integration Specialist