So it’s the beginning of August, and your kids have been playing outside all summer. Chances are, they may be getting a little burned out from this summer heat. Revive their health and energy by making sure they are HYDRATED! Children’s bodies do not regulate internal temperature as well as adults, so they are more susceptible to dehydration. Of course, the best drink anyone can have is plain ole’ H20. But if your child isn’t sold on the idea of drinking water, there are plenty of creative ways to keep them hydrated throughout the day!

fruit in water

One of my personal favorite ways to make drinking water fun, is to add my healthy ingredients into the mix! I LOVE anything citrus, so adding lemon is a must! Lime and basil is a tasty combination, as well as slices of an orange. Lately I’ve been on a cucumber kick too. Most kids love strawberries and blueberries, so why not add them to their water?! My point is, really ANYTHING can be added to water to flavor it and make it something kids want to drink. The trick is, letting them choose their favorite ingredients!


Make it an exciting event by letting your child choose their own drinking cup. You can find me (almost) always carrying around the cup above. Add in a fun straw, and cool ice cubes! Not only do ice cubes make for a better sip of water, watching them disappear can be so cool for the kiddos! Better yet, take those delicious fruits and herbs, and place them in an ice cube tray. This is something your child can do on their own, and they look so pretty!

Many foods are rich in water content, so keep those around for healthy snacks. Cut up watermelon, cucumbers, homemade popsicles, and fresh smoothies are great choices.

Because our bodies are about 60-70% water, it is so important to keep hydrated. Children (depending on age) need between 5-8 cups of water each day. Set a good example and drink your 8-12 cups each day. This worksheet has more details on recommendations. The most important tip is to keep these healthy options available for your kids. Use a smaller pitcher that they can handle, a sippy cup, or whatever you have to make drinking water accessible. And whatever you do, don’t forget about the dog!

My goldendoodle, Baker.

My goldendoodle, Baker.