Hop on the Walkin’ School Bus!

Tired of taking the bus to school? Why not start your day off right and take a walking school bus! A walking school bus is simply an organized group of children walking to school together along with one or two adults. Walking to school is a great way to be active while having fun at the same time. Similar to a regular school bus, a walking school bus makes stops, “picking up” and “dropping off” students at specified times and locations, so all children arrive at school safely and on time.

If you want to start a walking school bus at your child’s school, you need to follow these steps:

  • Find parents or community volunteers to “drive” the walking school bus.
  • Create a list of students who are interested in participating in walking school bus.
  • Decide on a specific route to take to school and determine when and where the bus will stop along the way.
  • Notify participants who are interested in joining the walking school bus of the route and scheduled stops.

Interested in being a walking school bus “driver?” Volunteer through our Safe Routes to School program and help students at participating Richmond Public Schools walk to school safely. Your participation may even be counted towards community service hours for other programs! Contact Tara FitzPatrick at for more information. Stay up to date on volunteer opportunities by following Richmond City Safe Routes to School on Facebook.

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