Host a Healthy Back to School Night

Back to School Night is a great opportunity to show the parents and students how your school plans to be healthy this year!

sugar shockers jeff

Wellness Integration Specialist, Jeff Suho, shocking students with the amount of sugar that is in their favorite beverages!

Host a healthy back to school night with these 5 tips:

Showcase any run club or fitness club information.

Hang up posters for run clubs or fitness clubs, so parents know all the details ahead of time. It also gives them an opportunity to ask questions about it while they are there!
run club flyer

Share ideas for healthy lunches/snacks.

Packing lunch everyday is a job in itself!  Quick, healthy ideas can be hard to come by, help by setting up a display or list of healthy lunch and snack ideas.

healthy lungh bag 2

This checklist makes it easy for kids to pack their own lunch!

Set up a sugar shockers display.

Our display shows popular beverages and how much sugar is in each of them. Parents and students are always shocked to see how much sugar is in their daily drinks! Added math bonus: have the students convert grams to teaspoons to measure how many teaspoons are in each drink. 
sugar shockerssugar shockers little boy







Have a ‘brain break’ in the beginning of the night to wake everyone up.

Students love brain breaksgo noodle breaks, and stretch breaks during the day to refresh and energize. Let the kids show their parents their favorite ways to refocus!

ffn go noodle

Put up Save the Date reminders for Family Fun and Fitness Night.

If you’re hosting a family fun and fitness night (or any other event!), hang up or pass out save the dates for parents to add to their calendars!ffn flyer

These ideas can be used to put a healthy twist on any event you’re holding at your school!

We’d love to hear how you made your back to school night a healthy event. Share your ideas in our comments section!