Inclement Weather? Indoor Recess!


Recess is an essential part of the school day, but when the weather is not on our side, how can we get those kiddos up and moving?!  If you’re cooped up inside take a break from sitting at your desk with indoor recess!  Indoor recess doesn’t have to be dull and drab. With the right tools at your fingertips, you can spice up a rainy day with some activities that promote fitness and fun!

Yoga and Stretching

Yoga is a great opportunity to promote focus and mindfulness in the classroom.  Check out GoNoodle’s stretching videos or search YouTube for kid friendly yoga.

GoNoodle ‘Get Moving’ Videos

GoNoodle offers hundreds of free interactive games and activities to get students engaged in active fun.  Not only are these videos great for a recess, but GoNoodle can also be used for active lessons, transitions, or a morning routine to kick-off the school day.  

Start or End with a Freeze Dance Party  

Give the kids a chance to show off their moves with a freeze dance party.  Not only will the kiddos have a chance to get up and move, but it’s a great opportunity to get all those sillies out and bond with their friends.  Keep the party short and sweet so things don’t get too wild and crazy, 5-7 minutes recommended.  Embrace your inner DJ and queue up the music!

Make indoor recess work for you with more ideas from Playworks indoor recess game guide.


Inclement weather doesn’t have to put a stop to a fun and active recess.  With a little creativity, you can turn indoor recess into an opportunity for exercise and learning.  An active body promotes an active mind!  

-Sarah Johnson, Active Recess Intern