Did you know that drinking water can boost your concentration, improve your memory, and elevate your mood?

In partnership with the Richmond City Health District and Richmond Public Schools, we launched SipSmarter- a campaign to decrease the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and increase consumption of water! To get the water wave flowing, Hydration stations were installed in all 7 RPS Middle Schools. At Lucille Brown, Henderson, and Boushall Middle School, students were selected to be “Water Warriors” to give weekly, fun educational tidbits to their peers in after-school programming!

At the other 4 middle schools (Albert Hill, Binford, Elkhardt-Thompson, and Martin Luther King Jr), we hosted Water Week! Students sampled fruit flavored water and learned about the sugar content in common drinks during their lunch period!. Strawberry Mint was the flavor of choice!


Over 5,000 kids all around RVA are sipping smarter after Fit4Kids launched our new healthy hydration campaign this spring–promoting the benefits of drinking water during the school day.  By installing hydration stations in all city middle schools, inspiring teachers, distributing water bottle waters, sharing watermercials (peer to peer water advertisements), and hosting water demos all over town, Fit4Kids has helped Richmond students go wild for water!



Assistant Principal of Binford Middle signs Sip Smarter Pledge!