A student at Fairfield Middle School receiving her Spring kit for Game On, Girl! after school!

When Fit4Kids programming went virtual last year it changed everything! Our programs and lessons are known for being interactive experiences and suddenly that just wasn’t an option anymore! We began virtual Game On, Girl! and Learning Garden lessons in April of 2020 and while we enjoyed the ability to stay connected to the students during that uncertain time, we found that they really missed the hands-on aspect of both programs.

In May of 2020, we sent out our first Learning Garden kits which contained seeds, soil, a pot, and a seed catalog to 30 students across the Greater Richmond region and we immediately saw more engagement. In June 2020, Partnering with Richmond 4-H Youth Development and Urban Agriculture we were able to distribute 35 more kits in celebration of Pollinator month! The students participated in a live flower dissection and learned how to make their own bee houses, and we knew that from then on kits would be the way to go!

Students show off their germinating bean sprouts which were then transplanted into pots.

Live flower dissection using Angiosperm flowers which have distinctive parts. The students learned about the functions of those parts and how flowers like these need to attract pollinators to reproduce.

Since then we have continued to deliver kits to our students and have even been partially funded by our partners, Next Up and Anthem, to support our ongoing efforts. Our garden kits have included various plants, herbs, grow bags, and garden-related STEM lessons. And our Game On, Girl! kits have included equipment like jump ropes, yoga mats, resistance bands, and workbooks to encourage the girls to keep up with their health and leadership lessons-like mindfulness and how to build confidence. In total, we have distributed 424 Learning Garden and Game On, Girl! kits to students in Henrico, Chesterfield, and Richmond city, and we are not done yet! Until all of our students are safely back in school, we will continue to Make Healthy Fun for them with engaging, hands-on experiences.

If you would like to support Fit4Kids by donating items to be used in kits, please consider purchasing from our Amazon Wishlist.

Students from Next Up playing Minute To Win It (M2WI) – games that can be played with a few items from the kits and other things that can be found around the house! Students who are selected as Athlete of The Day lead M2WI games for their peers as a warm-up.

Yes! We love when kids get excited about eating their veggies!

Coaches Bri and Katelyn making pom poms for the Game On, Girl! Cheerleading Unit

A student from Fall Garden Club adds fertilizer to their Lettuce and Mustard green sprouts!

Using a recipe provided in her workbook, this student from Binford middle school participated in a Game On, Girl! cooking demo and made a healthier version of ramen with homemade chili-garlic broth, added veggies, and an egg for protein!