NYCM #24 Finish- CP

This fall, Fit4Kids added its newest staff member to the team, Cynthia Piazza. Cynthia spearheads our efforts in Hopewell City Public Schools at Patrick Copeland Elementary School. Cynthia is an avid marathon runner and is entering new territory as she is training for a triathlon. We asked Cynthia to answers some questions so that we could get to know her even better!

Why did you choose to come and work with Fit4Kids?

I heard about the organization from a dear colleague and friend that had a Wellness Integrator in their building. She told me that I would love blending my two passions of running (fitness) and educating children together; she said what I used to do with her students is how they teach!  So, I began following Fit4Kids and was just hoping that one day I would be part of this dynamic team! The integration of movement within academic curriculum is how I love to “teach!” The students that I have the pleasure to interact with are often times the ones that need the most creative ways to reach them and make them “buy-in” to learning!

What has been your best experience at Fit4Kids thus far?

My best experience has been witnessing the subtle changes at Patrick Copeland Elementary School. The excitement of the children when I arrive in their room and teachers starting to ask me to plan a content lesson with them has been awesome! The best moments are when I see or hear a teacher say, “Do jumping jacks if the answer is true or knee bends if the answer is false!” Additionally, since I am a runner, promoting a school wide running club has made my heart happy to think that we are encouraging the next generation of runners!

Have you had any particularly memorable or funny moments while working at Patrick Copeland?

One of my most memorable moments is about a student in a transitional Kindergarten/1st grade room. He has significant challenges as he is extremely overweight and actually has braces on his lower legs to aid him with his gait as well as language delays and a learning delay.  He struggles with returning to a standing position from being seated so many of the activities the other children can “do”, he struggles. One day the exercise option was a desk push-up. Amazingly, he could perform it better than anyone else in the entire class! His teachers and I were ecstatic! Now, he has improved on most exercises as the year as progressed but that will always remain such an amazing moment.

Favorite food?


Mountain or beach vacation?

Mountain. My entire family lives in Wyoming and the connection I feel with God’s majestic Rocky Mountains or the Grand Tetons instantly de-stresses me and makes me appreciate all that I have!; although running is a challenge at those altitudes!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A member of the women’s Olympic marathon team, well honestly, I would be a member of any Olympic team!

We’re so excited to have you as a part of our team, Cynthia!