#OptOutside this Black Friday!

Wondering what to do on November 25th? Fit4Kids has the perfect idea… #OptOutside!

Opting outside!
During the Thanksgiving holiday take a break and give thanks to your health by choosing to #OptOutside on Black Friday! REI is on to something with their marketing campaign encouraging employees and shoppers to avoid the store lines and instead hit a trail for a hike, go visit the new playground at G.H. Reid, or spend some time winterizing your community or school garden.

#OptOutside for the Garden!

Here at Fit4Kids we will be opting outside in our own ways, in Richmond and across the U.S.!

Check out our top 5 ways to #OptOutside this Friday and every holiday!

1. Explore a local park. Find some green space and take advantage of stepping on all of the crunchy leaves.

2.  Play a game of tag. We love tag here at Fit4Kids and you can even make it academic with a game of Math Tag!

3. Take a free walking tour of Richmond with the Richmond Tour guys.

4. Head out for a leaf hunt. Monument Avenue is a fabulous place to find Fall foliage in vibrant oranges and reds.

5. Visit RVA on Ice which opens on November 25, 2016 and is located at 6th and Broad St. The rink will be open to the public on the 25th. Make sure to check their Facebook page for updates!Ice Skating in RVA
Just can’t resist those great deals? Wear your pedometer and track your steps while you hit up the mall. Don’t just focus on the great deals, but see how many steps you can log while shopping! Make it a competition with your fellow shoppers and track the competition on your smart phone.

Have some great ways to #OptOutside? Tag us in a photo on Instagram or Facebook @GR_Fit4Kids using #OptOutside and show us how you are spending the day outside!

-Nellie Bradley, Program Manager