A New Year Means New Recess Equipment for A.P. Hill Elementary School!


The swing set at AP Hill Elementary.

Cars go farther on a full tank.  Storytime is better with a good book.  Basketball hoops are more fun when you have a ball.  These are things that we take for granted.  Sadly, in some of our area schools, money is tight.  This means that schools need to decide which to buy; books for classrooms or balls for recess.

Just as a car won’t get you very far on an empty tank, a basketball court won’t get much use without basketballs.  This was a problem that Fit4Kids identified early on at A.P. Hill Elementary School in Petersburg, Virginia.  The kids were still incredibly active during their recess time.  The problem was, they didn’t have many options.  The swing set was packed.  The jungle gyms were overrun with cheerful children playing tag.  However, the basketball court stood empty.

A.P. Hill Elementary, like many schools, has amazingly dedicated teachers who care about their students.  A few of these teachers used their own money to buy equipment for student use.  Having one basketball for an entire grade level is a step in the right direction.  Fit4Kids was ready to hop, skip, and jump down the path of getting students access to recess equipment.

Catching a pass.

Students playing football at recess.

Finding some help to make the change.

With the help of an Action for Healthy Kids grant, A.P. Hill Elementary School will be purchasing close to $1,000 worth of new equipment for students.  This will be enough money to get some of the basics.  Basketballs, kickballs, and jump ropes were all on the short list of equipment to purchase.  This will be a great way to jump start redoing recess at A.P. Hill.

It does not stop there though.  Plans are in the works to find funds to help beautify the school grounds.  Partnering with community members will allows us to transform the walkways.  Sidewalks will become more playful.  Empty spaces on the basketball court will be filled with painted on game boards.  We aim to turn the playground into a place that others will be excited to experience.  This will also make the space itself the equipment the students need.

A quick turnover

Kids are recess playing basketball


If you are interested in helping further these projects for the students of A.P. Hill Elementary in Petersburg, please contact me, Jeff Suho.  We have big ideas but will need many partners to make them a reality.

Jeff Suho
Wellness Integration Specialist
A.P. Hill Elementary School
Petersburg, VA

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