May is Bike Month, and we’d be remiss not to acknowledge the massive spike in everyone taking advantage of the reason for the season! Things are really weird right now, and we’ve been fielding a lot of questions from folks who want to hit the roads and trails on two wheels with their families for activity and sanity. Figuring our your rig can be overwhelming, but ultimately should be a fun project! Take your time, and figure out what works best for your family, and how it may evolve as you grow.

I participated in a really fun happy hour presentation last week, and a number of people asked for me to share the presentation. It wasn’t recorded, so I made an abridged version. Should you watch this, and still have questions, please email me at

Please note that this is a link to a .ppsx file on a GDrive. If you have trouble accessing it, please let me know at the email address above.

(PS, there are options for bike/cargo bike financing, not mentioned in this. We can help you track down resources.)