Winter is actually a busy time for farmers and gardeners. It’s a time to catch-up on building projects from the previous year and to look ahead and prepare for the season to come. This winter we took advantage of our time off from growing to re-plastic and reorganize our greenhouses and the farm!

Even though it is still too cold outside for most plants, it is perfect in the greenhouse for seedlings! Our interns, community members, and staff have been hard at work safely seeding and transplanting for the last several weeks. And the fun is only just beginning! Soon our seedlings will be going out to school gardens, homes and stores to be planted. Keep an eye out for our plants around town! You can also get your own from our website-

Our next steps in our Spring work will be to continue to pot-up our seedlings and clean up our school gardens for spring planting. If you are interested in helping at your neighborhood school’s garden, or at one of our volunteer event days, please feel free to get in touch with us! Whatever your level of experience, getting involved in our community’s gardens is a great way to help out. Just send an email to 

As the weather warms up over March we will be busy pulling out old plants from last season and planting our cool-season crops such as broccoli, cabbage, kale, and lettuce. Garden clubs will be starting soon after, and before we know it Spring will be fully underway.

So now that the weather is starting to warm up, it’s time for everyone to start thinking about Spring!

A huge thank you to our supporters, like the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation, whose investment allows us to continue to serve kids and classrooms through COVID.

Written by Cody Berman, Garden Educator