On Saturday April 26th, more than 500 Bellwood and Elizabeth Scott Elementary School students, faculty, family and community members turned out for their respective school’s 5k race and healthy festival. Bellwood and Elizabeth Scott Elementary are both committed to creating a school environment and culture that supports health and wellness, and felt that traditional fundraising, focused on selling unhealthy items, was in contradiction to their goal, so they decided to create an alternative fundraising plan. They created committees with teachers, parents, and administrators, to brainstorm and plan fundraising events that would bring the community together for a fun day of health and wellness. Both 5k races were extremely successful; Elizabeth Scott had set a fundraising goal of $1,500 and far exceeded that goal by raising $10,350! Interested in revamping your school’s fundraising efforts? Check out these tips on holding a fun, healthy, and successful school fundraiser.

High School Healthy Fundraising Guide

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Healthy Fundraising Ideas

Healthy Fundraising

Healthy School Fundraising Ideas