Thinking About Walking or Biking with Your Kids to School?

Obviously you don’t have time to walk or bike with your kids to school, you probably don’t even have time to read this blog post! Why on earth would anyone assume that you could add anything to your already crazy mornings?!

A couple of happy young bike commuters secure their vehicles for the day at Holton Elementary.

Hear me out! I agree. Those crazy mornings already have way too much going on, and choosing active transportation, surprisingly, might just be a great way to simplify them:

    • Time your mornings. If you don’t think that you could possibly add anything else to your mornings, go ahead and record how long it takes for you to close the door to your home and get your kids safely on the bus or in the building. At the start of every school year, we see stories all over the news and social media detailing delayed buses, missed stops, and other unfortunate situations. Are you really saving time sending your kids on the bus, if you have to wait with them at the bus stop for 30 minutes or an hour? Driving is fast. It’s like having your own personal time portal to wherever you need to be, right? Except when you have to stop for school buses (which you absolutely must do!),  and then hit local rush-hour traffic, which is exacerbated by the addition of several hundred small commuters during the school year. We haven’t even gotten to the drop-off zone yet! Ugh, the drop-off zone?! The area outside of school where everyone needs to be most patient because your collective most precious cargo must be safely delivered here all within 15 minutes. This process typically experiences some of the worst etiquette and egregiously unsafe behavior of the day. You would think that every driver would be paying the utmost attention during this daily ritual, but casual observations indicate that rules like not driving and texting (or talking or Facebooking, or ‘gramming) are the types of rules that apply only to everyone else. Ok, deep breath. Now take the family for a stroll over to school one day after dinner. Time it. Did it take you longer than getting your kids strapped into their car seats, through traffic, and safely through drop-off?
    • HOW AM I GOING TO PULL THIS OFF?! Thankfully, you probably don’t have to do it alone! Talk to your neighbors and see if they’d like to share the responsibility by organizing a Bike Train or a Walking School Bus. Even if you commit to one day of active transportation, you’ll reap the benefits!