VDH Grant Recess Equipment

Elizabeth Scott’s Recess Shed

Chesterfield County Schools take advantage of VDH grant opportunity.

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) has made a difference for three Fit4Kids schools.  The VDH grant opportunity was offered to interested schools courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  In order to qualify for funding, schools had to participate in a Wellness Council Training.  After completing the training, schools could use this funding to improve upon specific aspects of their wellness policies.

These three Chesterfield County Schools used this VDH grant funding opportunity to make healthy options accessible to each and every student.  Bellwood Elementary School used its VDH grant funds to install a hydration station.  A hydration station by itself is great, but being able to give each student at the school their own water bottle to use at it is amazing!

VDH Grant Recess Sheds

Marguerite’s Equipment

Marguerite Christian Elementary School took the funds from the grant to enhance the students’ recess time.  The students were overjoyed to find that they were finally going to have equipment to use on the fields and basketball courts at the school.  Money was used to purchase color coded equipment for each grade that included cones, hula hoops, jump ropes, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, and kick balls.  The school was also provided with new soccer goals for their field as well as sheds and containers to keep all of the equipment in.

Elizabeth School Elementary School went above and beyond with their VDH grant.  They too purchased a set of recess equipment similar to what was outline for Marguerite Christian.  Their Wellness Council also purchased garden tools, a garden shed, speakers and materials for their 5K, basketball hoops for the PE teacher, bike peddlers, and grade level active learning kits.

VDH Grant Active Learning Lessons

Active learning lessons organized for teachers

It is amazing what an impact these grants have already had at these schools.  A fourth grade teacher at Marguerite Christian Elementary has told me what a difference this has made not only in their activity level but in their level of responsibility.  She told me how a struggling student in her class now looks forward to being able to inventory and organize all of the new recess equipment for her grade level.

I can not say how thankful I am to be a part of and see the first hand results of such a great partnership between the VDH and Fit4Kids.

Jeffrey “Coach” Suho
Wellness Integration Specialist for Fit4Kids
Marguerite Christian Elementary School