January 20th was Virginia Healthy Youth Day and an especially productive day for Fit4Kids staff, schools, and partners! Check out some of the ways we celebrated!

Wellness Integration Specialist Nellie-
Ginter Park Elementary School in Richmond, VA hosted a hydration filled #VAHealthyYouthDay. Students and staff enjoyed water as a healthy way to celebrate the day. And boy did we need to hydrate! After running more than 15 laps at running club, taking time for brain bursts, some super active lessons and enjoying a beautiful day outside at recess we were certainly parched. Over 356 waters were served at school and students were reminded that water is a super healthy way to hydrate!



Wellness Integration Specialist Jenny-
Elizabeth Scott teachers were challenged to lead at least one brain break or active lesson for Healthy Youth Day. All students were moving and learning! Kindergarten practiced Alphabet Aerobics. First graders were practicing fractions, and doing squats between activities. Second graders were human thermometers by moving their bodies up and down to show temperatures. Third graders practiced their multiplication facts with doing jumping jacks, and also acted out how simple machines work. Fourth graders practiced place value while exercising. Fifth graders were outside drawing geometry on the blacktop while walking out the radius and diameter, and also doing Zumba as a brain break. In morning meeting, each class discussed what it meant to stay healthy, and signed the pledge card as a group!



Wellness Integration Specialist Jeff-
At Marguerite F. Christian Elementary School in South Chesterfield it was business as usual since teachers are always modifying their lessons to become more active! Several classes were visited for their weekly active learning lesson with an extra dose of awareness about eating right, being active, and living tobacco free. Lunch time was especially interesting as we chatted with a variety of students about what it means to eat right!



Wellness Integration Specialist Katie-
Our morning at Holladay Elementary started with a ‘commercial break’ after the morning news. During our commercial, we did 1 minute of exercise to get our brains ready for the day! The day continued with active, engaging lessons and brain breaks! The 5th graders had a ‘Variable Snow Ball Fight’ and the 2nd graders played ‘Native American Relay.’There were lots of brain breaks from gonoodle.com and teacher led brain breaks. The students outside at recess took pictures with the ‘I pledge to eat right, be active, and live tobacco free’ sign and shared ways that they’re going to be healthy. During lunch, the Wellness Integration Specialist walked around to see who was eating their fruits and veggies.



Americorps VISTA Kayla-
Fit4Kids attended the first ever Family Wellness Night at Gayton Elementary School in Henrico. Students and parents gathered to do some yoga, try a “Gator Green Smoothie,” measure out the amount of sugar in popular thirst quenchers, and get an overall sense of how to live happier, healthier lives!