How to Walk the Walk: Walk to School Day 2016

2015-2016 was our first year coordinating Safe Routes to School in Richmond Public Schools! We are so proud of our five partner schools and their efforts to promote walking to school in a fun and safe manner.

Students, parents, and faculty participate in a Walk to School Day event at Ginter Park Elementary on October 7. 2015.

Students, parents, and faculty participate in a Walk to School Day event at Ginter Park Elementary on October 7, 2015.

Additionally, we took note of at least five other Richmond Public Schools, who hosted Walk to School Days for their students as well! It’s so important to get kiddos active and ready to concentrate on learning once they enter the building. Walking to school can be an easy and safe way to start your day!

This year, we’re hoping to see even more coordinated efforts across Richmond Public Schools–and we want to help you!

Here are some helpful hints to get you started off on the right foot:

1.) Pick a theme for your event! Picking a theme is an easy first step. Whether it’s school pride and pep rally-esque, or part of a healthy school initiative, picking a theme will help you get all of the other details in place.

2.) Be sure to ask permission to host an event at your school. Gaining insight from your school’s principal, P.E. teacher, and other key stakeholders are essential to the success of your event.

3.) Recruit volunteers. Volunteers and extra hands are crucial! Visit your school’s next PTA meeting to aid in your volunteer recruitment.

4.) Register your event. It is important to register your Walk to School Day event so we are able to see measurable progress across the region, in the United States, and beyond. Registering your event has never been easier! Anyone hosting an event can register it here.

5.) Promote your event. Ask your school to make an announcement for students, send home flyers to parents, and try promoting your event on social media! Using popular hashtags like #WalktoSchoolDay2016 can help you see what other schools and districts are doing, and let’s them see what you’re doing too!

6.) Document the fun! Be sure to take tons of pictures and savor the memories. Walk to School and Bike to School Day events make great additions for your school’s yearbook!

Additional resources can be found on the Virginia Department of Transportation: Safe Routes to School page.

Don’t forget to visit the site as you head into your spring planning for Bike to School Day in May!

-Tara FitzPatrick, SRTS Coordinator