JRF Grant Ceremony!

Two words. Move. Learn. These two words are the goals of every relay race, family fitness night, and fun run,  led by Wellness Integration Specialist, Cynthia Piazza. Our wellness integrators aspire to meet kids where they spend the most time….in school! Through their two year tenure at a particular school, our Wellness Integrators cultivate a culture of wellness throughout the school community. Cynthia was placed at Patrick Copeland Elementary School and -most-recently- Dupont Elementary School in Hopewell with the support of The John Randolph Foundation (JRF). JRF believes in fighting for the health of children, and they support organizations in the Tri-Cities areas that are building healthy communities and brighter futures. 

Moving with data!

Through Cynthia’s active lessons, teachers are able to see first-hand the impact activity in the classroom has to shift the school environment to be a healthier one. From the 12 Days of Fitmas to the October Hallway Exercise, teachers and students alike are engaged! With the help of the John Randolph Foundation,Cynthia has reached 17,000 students, with over 900 active lessons, to total 20,000 minutes of learning between Patrick Copeland and Dupont Elementary Schools. The John Randolph Foundation awarded $357,412 in grants to partners across the Greater Richmond region to support their work of building healthier communities.  Fit4Kids was received one of the highest amounts -$45,000- to continue work in Hopewell for an additional two years. Cynthia presented the impact of Wellness Integration in Hopewell, as well as classrooms in Fit4Kids’ impact area, at the grant award ceremony held on January 18th, 2018. Cynthia and all of our wellness integrators are inspiring students to live healthier lives, teachers to incorporate movement into the classroom, and communities to shift their school culture to one of health and wellness! 


Continuing the work!