Check out a few different resources to answer this question and you’ll find just as many definitions.  There are more than 10,000 books available on the topic and countless resources to help you live well, be well, and act well.  As we all know, things are upside down right now.  Our school, home, work, social, and community environment is changing almost daily and it’s hard to create a steady path for ourselves and our kids. 

I say it’s time to throw out the old understanding of wellness and decide what will work for you, your kids, neighbors, and those around you. How can you contribute to creating a fulfilling, supportive, healthy, and balanced environment for yourself and those around you?  Is it a morning walk with your family, time outside as the milder Fall weather arrives, dancing in the kitchen as you cook, or journaling?

For me, it’s keeping a healthy balance of my routine and finding creative outlets to keep me both grounded and energized.  I try to put my phone away after I pick my kids up from school to play with them, get in a regular run, listen to an interesting podcast, and text with a small group of girlfriends about just about anything. Oh, and good sleep is a must.  I need 8 hours (at least)!

Here are some helpful tips from Action for Healthy Kids, on ways to promote wellness at home, from active play, to nutrition, to emotional well being. Parents and caregivers can use these resources and activities to encourage students to be active and healthy wherever they are!

As we continue to navigate the ever-changing current environment, I encourage you to think of 3 things that contribute to your personal wellness or your family’s and commit to those over the next few months.  Write them down, tell someone (or five), and answer the question “Why are these things important?”  Give yourself and others a little grace. And know that you deserve it!