With the Winter season right around the corner, the time for outdoor gardening is quickly coming to an end. Gardeners should be starting the task of winterization- use this link to find more tips and tricks helping your garden hibernate.  You might think that there isn’t much to do in the garden once winter sets in, but there are many fun activities you can do as a family to prepare for the Spring season.

Check out seed catalogs. Seed catalogs are a wonderful resource for any gardener. Explore the catalog and talk with your child about the plants they might be interested in planting. Next, plan your spring garden by using the pictures in the catalog to create a rainbow collage or to create a sort based on what parts of the plant we eat. You can request a free seed catalog from Johnny Seeds.

Recycle newspaper into seed tape. Seed tape is a great way to prep for the spring planting season. Premeditated Leftovers provides full step-by-step instructions to help you create your seed tape. Once it is time to plant, pull out the seed tape, cover with soil and spray with water. This is also an easy way to incorporate math in a fun way at home.

Try out a new salad recipe.  Winter is a great time to try out a new recipes. This succotash is made from dried materials and is representative of what a traditional harvest feast would have featured. Drying summertime vegetables is a way to preserve fresh vegetables for a long cold fresh vegetable winter.

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