Spring 2019- Henderson Middle School students dish up sauteed broccoli and cauliflower during Fit4Kids Edible Schoolyard Learning Garden class with Next Up.

The holiday season is here! No matter what your family celebrates, this time of year presents us with an excellent opportunity to get our kids interested in a new hobby – cooking! Children may be feeling more restless with the days being shorter and parents may be looking for more outlets for their energy. Getting your children involved with cooking is a great way to focus their attention on something productive. Parents get an extra set of hands to help out with the holiday eats and children get to learn about nutrition and safety while enjoying their yummy creations! 

Before your child officially becomes your assistant chef, cover some safety precautions with them. Here are a few basic safety rules regarding children in the kitchen:

  • Children should always ask an adult for permission before cooking and when unsure during the cooking process
  • Always listen to the adult in charge
  • Wash hands thoroughly before, during, and after cooking
  • Clean as you go to keep stations free from bacteria and scraps
  • Ask an adult to handle hot dishware and open fires

Start them off in the kitchen with easy tasks and let them progress as you see fit. Before helping out cooking meals, they can start with learning how to make quick and easy snacks for themselves. There are plenty of ingredients that require no cooking or cutting. Simply throw together a few healthy ingredients and your child has a filling and nutritious snack. Here are a few ideas:

Helpful Resources:

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And once they’ve had a bit of practice, perhaps you can try one of these 15 Holiday Snack Ideas!

Happy cooking!