Recess Coaches are trained by Playworks, a national award-winning organization, to create games that foster the physical, social, and emotional development of children. Fit4Kids Recess Coaches lead games every school day—boosting activity levels (and laughter) during recess among all children, regardless of ability.

Active Recess is currently offered at four elementary schools: Woodville, Chimborazo, and Oak Grove in the city of Richmond and Elizabeth Scott and Bellwood in Chesterfield County. For more information on how to run an effective recess check out: Making the Most of Recess.

Key results

  • All schools with Active Recess during the 2012-2013 academic year showed an increase in the amount of time students spent being physically active during recess. Recess coaching also contributes to reduced bullying on the playground and better focus in the classroom.

“My students loved working with a recess coach this year. Students that did not normally participate in physical activity during recess were playing and having fun.”

Teacher at Woodville Elementary