Kids Programs

Learning Gardens

Fit4Kids Learning Gardens and nutrition education feed students’ appetite for hands-on delicious fun! Fit4Kids Learning Gardens engage children in planting, growing, harvesting, and best of all, tasting fresh, flavorful food--changing the way children feel about vegetables. We believe that getting kids into the garden and tasting vegetables at a young age will inspire them to develop healthy eating habits for life.

Fit4Kids Garden Educators lead lessons based on the Virginia Standard of Learning curriculum at dozens of partner schools, visiting each site 24 times during the school year and using the garden as an outdoor classroom. Fit4Kids also leads engaging, fun after-school garden clubs. These programs reach more than 4,000 students each school year.


Fit4Kids Learning Gardens teach kids to “dig” vegetables!
Garden Lesson Plans

“This is a fabulous program that teaches kids that foods that are good for you can taste great!”
-Chesterfield County Public School teacher

Game On, Girl!

Game On, Girl! empowers adolescent girls to be physically active, nutritionally fit, and ready to take on the world! We believe that girls should be confident, fearless, and unapologetically themselves. Our programs instill lifelong healthy habits, while teaching values that count on and off the court.

Students participate in a 10-week, after-school program with Coaches who introduce girls to a variety of individual and team activities, from lacrosse to yoga to dance workouts. Our Coaches also lead nutrition lessons to encourage students to try nutritious, fresh foods and promote personal wellness through healthy hydration and cooking tips.

We aim to increase their knowledge of health and wellness, confidence, and leadership. Our after-school physical activity program reaches over 150 girls at 7 middle schools in Richmond City, Chesterfield County, and Henrico County Public Schools each year. When the school year wraps up, students join us for the “Summer Summit”; four action-packed days of outdoor adventure and team building that can’t happen in the afterschool space.

When asked what’s your favorite part of Game On, Girl! a seventh grader at Fairfield Middle School said "just being here and being able to exercise in a fun way"


Wellness Integration

Movement in the classroom stimulates the brain, increases focus and alertness, enhances mood, and improves memory.. It also makes learning just a lot more fun - for students and teachers!

Fit4Kids’ Wellness Integration is an innovative program that empowers classroom teachers to incorporate kinesthetic strategies and health promotion messaging in the classroom, creating a healthy, active environment for students. Imagine this: instead of doing a math worksheet, first graders play a game of subtraction tag!

In addition to working intensively with teachers, the Wellness Integration Specialists also provide school wide training, lead lessons in individual classrooms, and work on districtwide wellness initiatives. The program reaches 3,000 students in Petersburg, Hopewell, and Prince George.


Active Lesson Plans are based on the Virginia Standards of Learning and are available here for all interested educators.

“The Fit4Kids Wellness Integrator has been a vital part of our Walnut Hill Tiger family. Our students have been extremely active and using information taught during the lessons he’s teaching and incorporating them in daily classroom lessons!”
-Petersburg Elementary School Principal