Why Fit4Kids

Fit4Kids believes that active, well-nourished children perform better in school, have greater self-esteem, and grow to lead happy and healthy lives.

Our Work

Fit4Kids programs are designed to make healthy fun by promoting movement, active play, and the consumption of fresh, nutritious foods. We also work to ensure that schools and systems support children’s health and wellness.

Since Fit4Kids’ founding in 2010, our team has built trusted community partnerships with our comprehensive approach. Our collaborative, trained team members have established a proven track record with schools, parents, and students.


Who We Serve

Fit4Kids’ school-based programs are focused in schools where research has shown the need is greatest. Many students in the communities that we serve face socio-economic barriers that limit their access to nutritious foods and recreation spaces for safe, outdoor play. Given that children spend significant hours at school, this environment provides an opportunity to disrupt health inequities and promote healthy, fun choices.

Where We Are


Schools We Support

Learning Garden Schools

* after school garden
** in school & after school

Safe Routes to School

Wellness Integration

Game On, Girl!

High School Programming