Game On, Girl!

Adolescent girls engage in physical activity significantly less than their male counterparts.  Girls’ activity levels may drop by as much as 83% as they transition through adolescence. By age 18, the majority of girls do not engage in any physical activity outside of required PE classes–missing out on vital physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits of regular physical activity. (Kimm et al., 2002; Wolf et al., 1993)

To tackle this gender disparity, Greater Richmond Fit4Kids is launching Game On, Girl!–a comprehensive initiative to empower adolescent girls to be physically active, nutritionally fit, and ready to take on the world!

Game On, Girl! has three components to inspire adolescent girls to discover their strength.

  1. 1. Game On, Girl! Middle School:  A 10-week, after-school program for middle school girls to learn to enjoy a wide variety of sports and physical activities, fuel their bodies for success, and be effective leaders in their communities.
  1. 2. Girls with Goals Leadership Academy: A year-long fellowship for 20 high school girls to develop leadership skills by advocating for more opportunities for adolescent girls to engage in sports and physical activity.
  1. 3. Game On, Girl! Summer Summit: A 3-day camp for middle and high school girls to explore traditional and nontraditional sports and physical activities, while being mentored by female athletes in a fun, unique setting. 

Game On, Girl! was created by Greater Richmond Fit4Kids, based on the best practices of Girls in the Game, and is made possible by the Jackson Foundation, the Allianz Foundation, and the Memorial Foundation for Children.

Learn more about Game On, Girl! here:

Fit4Kids’ Newest Program: Game On, Girl!

Who Run the World?! Girls. GIRLS!


If you’re a female collegiate or club athlete, trainer, or instructor interested in sharing your love for physical activity with middle and high school girls, please contact Kayla-Brooke Dransfield at