At the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, Fit4Kids awarded five schools in Richmond, Henrico and Chesterfield mini grants up to $1,000 to implement creative physical activity and/or nutrition programming before, during, or after the school day. Read about their exciting projects below!

 Chimborazo Elementary School “Garden to Table Club”

The Garden to Table Club provides opportunities for fifth grade students at Chimborazo Elementary to engage in cooking and gardening classes led by teachers, dietitians, nutritionists and volunteer chefs. SOL learning objectives are incorporated throughout the lessons, providing academic enrichment through fun and engaging health and wellness activities.

Around 80 students participated in the Garden to Table kickoff event on October 1, 2012. The volunteer chefs and nutritionists were introduced to the class they will be working with throughout the year. Students harvested eggplant from the school garden and the chefs demonstrated how to cook an eggplant dish.


George Mason Elementary’s “Modern Fitness Circuit”

A Fit4Kids mini grant is funding a “modern fitness circuit” at George Mason Elementary, a Title I elementary school in Richmond that does not have a gymnasium on campus. With Healthy Kids Grant funds, the physical education teacher purchased materials such as medicine balls, exercise mats, moon hoppers, and other equipment to create a modern fitness circuit that makes use of the limited space for physical education.

Around 200 third, fourth and fifth grade students participate in a fitness circuit once a week that combines muscular resistance training and high-intensity aerobic moves to challenge students both physically and mentally. To track success, students are creating portfolios that will document information such as height and weight and pre and post workout results.


“Pedaling to Success” at C.E. Curtis Elementary

The goal of the Curtis pedaling program for exceptional education  students is to increase physical activity for students with intellectual disabilities, emotional disabilities, autism, learning disabilities and other health impairments while increasing time attention and time on task. Exceptional education students in grades K-5 are learning how to pedal and use the pedalers at times during the day when the academic task they are completing require sitting. With Fit4Kids mini grant funds, Curtis purchased 22 mini exercise pedalers for the students. The anticipated results of the project are an increase in motor skills and muscle tone and higher levels of academic productivity and time on task.

Davis Middle School “Getting Fit Sixth Grade- America Across the Curriculum”

Sixth graders at Davis Middle School are “biking across the curriculum”  during their English class using five stationary bikes that were purchased with Healthy Kids grant funds.  The program incorporates physical activity into the English curriculum as students walk and bike the equivalent of the distance across the United States from Virginia to California. It also increases their awareness of good nutrition as they read non-fiction materials about health and nutrition topics and gather recipes from across the country. Later in the year, students will earn additional miles to qualify for virtual field trips to locations associated with topics they are studying in science, social studies, and elective classes.

Fairfield Middle School “Leadership Alliance for Life” Program

The Leadership Alliance for Life program is a nine-session after school program at Fairfield Middle School that teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th grade female students about health and fitness through leadership. The program contains nine hour-long sessions, each designed to train participant leaders to practice healthy nutrition and fitness in order to model healthy behaviors. At the end of each session students learn at least one concept about leadership, nutrition, and fitness.  The program is offered once a quarter for four quarters during the school year, with 10 to 15 girls participating in each session. Fit4Kids funding supported the creation of a unique Leadership Alliance for Life curriculum, art supplies, and stipends for adult facilitators.