Did you know that sugar-sweetened beverages are the #1 source of calories in the American  diet?

Sugary Drinks are often loved by and readily available to children. For each sugar-sweetened beverage consumed per day, a child’s risk of becoming overweight increases by 60%. In Virginia, 33% of  5-19 year olds consume at least one sugar-sweetened beverage every day. Drinking one or two sugar-sweetened beverage each day increases a child’s risk for type 2 diabetes by 25%.

The best choice is clear!

Sugar Sweetened beverages place children at risk for obesity and type II diabetes. This is a major problem. To address this, Fit4Kids, Richmond City Health District, Richmond Public Schools and NextUp teamed up to launch, SipSmarter, a campaign to promote healthy hydration amongst middle school students.

As a part of this initiative, hydration stations were installed in all seven RPS middle schools (Albert Hill, Binford, Boushall,Elkhardt-Thompson, Henderson, Lucille Brown, Martin Luther King Jr.) where students can fill up their SipSmarter Water Bottles , hands free! In addition to this, students are being educated on the benefits of water via Next-Up Programming and RPS Athletics Program through youth-friendly messaging, led by their peers!

Water is the best choice to hydrate, it’s the clear way to Sip Smarter!

Sip Sip Hooray!