Fit4Kids Wellness Integration Specialists, who are certified teachers, develop and teach lively lessons that integrate physical activity into any subject. Imagine this: Instead of a doing a math worksheet, first graders play a game of subtraction tag; instead of memorizing American history from a text book, fifth graders compete in a famous face relay. Wellness Integration Specialists help teachers realize that more movement in the classroom stimulates the brain, increases focus and alertness, enhances mood, improves memory, and bolsters test performance of students. It also makes learning just a lot more fun!

In addition to creating active classrooms, Wellness Integration Specialists work to infuse entire schools with a culture of physical activity and nutrition. Specialists have started fitness and running clubs, installed walking tracks, conducted taste testings of fruits and vegetables in cafeterias, hosted family fun and fitness nights, organized health fairs, and placed stationary bikes and stability balls throughout the schools.

Fit4Kids currently employs four full-time Wellness Integration Specialists. They are currently working with Bellevue Elementary in Richmond, A.P. Hill Elementary in Petersburg, Falling Creek Elementary School in Chesterfield, and Dupont Elementary in Hopewell. We are also continuing to support the program’s sustainability programs at Elizabeth Scott Elementary, Marguerite Christian Elementary, and Bellwood Elementary in Chesterfield, Ginter Park Elementary School in Richmond, Holladay Elementary in Henrico, and Patrick Copeland Elementary in Hopewell.

“This style of teaching has also encouraged me to become more active and model a healthy lifestyle for my students. It has been one of the most positive life changes I have made for myself and my students! Thanks Fit4Kids!”

Bellwood Elementary School teacher